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A Positive Contribution

Short film, 2023

In the near future, criminals are given a choice - go to prison or get their memories wiped and replaced with fictional ones so they can make a positive contribution to society. Charlotte, a doctor at the Memory Replacement Institute begins to question her own reality when a patient claiming to be her wife begs her to save their daughter.

A Positive Contribution is a dystopian drama about choosing between comfortable lies or devastating truths.

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A Positive Contribution is a 12-minute dystopian short film that explores the themes of truth and oppression in a post-truth world. The sci-fi thriller asks questions about how conflicting realities collide under a totalitarian regime. Propaganda is said to be a form of brainwashing, but in this world, that brainwashing is literal. The film is subtle and character-driven with uneasy and menacing undertones. It makes the audience question what exactly is the truth in a world where nothing is certain. It’s Severance meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets 1984 meets The Handmaid’s Tale.


A Positive Contribution (APC) was originally a short story written by New Zealand-based writer Bree Mitchell and later adapted into a short film by Heather McQuaid. 


I was looking for a new project to direct, and when I stumbled upon Heathers script I was immediately intrigued by it. I’m a big fan of simple and effective storytelling, where you can build a whole world with just one scene, one location and a few actors, and that’s exactly what APC does. 

Contact me for a private screener link.

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Director Nuri Moseinco

Writer Heather McQuaid

Based on a Short Story by Bree Mitchell

Producers Nuri Moseinco, Heather McQuaid

Director of Photography Oli Brotherhood

Production Designer Alex Jones Nash

Sound Recordist Tom Nott

Editors Nuri Moseinco, Peter Davies

Composer Giovanni Zof

Assistant Director Peter Davies

Production Assistant Pedro Tafur

1st AC Joseph Lewiston

2nd AC Vicky Mantua

Gaffer Aram Atkinson

Hair and Makeup Rebecca Thomas-Punter

Stills Photographer Henry Knock

Graphic Designer Kirk Sylvester

Colourists Oli Brotherhood, Aram Atkinson

Sound Design John Green


Charlotte Wilder-Smythe Chatlotte Coleman

Lucy Happisburgh Eve Carson

Don Brayford Ruaridh Aldington

Rose Lou-Anna Zanovello Dantas

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