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Anywhere but Here

Short film, 2018

Two secret agents grapple with the realities of their new life after their mission is jeopardised by their feelings for each other.

This film was written, shot and edited in 48 hours as part of the 2018 London 48 Hour Film Project.

'Anywhere but Here' was made as part of the 2018 London 48 Hour Film Project. For the challenge, we had to write, shoot and edit the film from beginning to end within 48 hours, implementing required elements provided to us by the competition. With a skeleton crew and limited time, we came up with 'Anywhere but Here', a short about two spies who's relationship is closer than just colleagues.


The weekend was a fun challenge to exercise our filmmaking muscles, and we walked away with a film that we were frankly pretty happy with. Instead of spending months trying to create a film, we managed to make something decent in just a weekend!


Required Genre: Thriller

Required Prop: A London Souvenir

Required Line: "It's like you always said."

Required character: Norma or Noah Borgen - A spy

Winner - Best Director
Nominated - Best Editing 
Nominated - Best Actress
Nominated - Best Sound
Nominated - Audience Choice Group B


Director Nuri Moseinco
Writers Nuri Moseinco and Nina Shenkman
Assistant Director Katy Thompson
Director of Photography Aram Atkinson
Camera Assistant Benjamin Shallcross
Sound Designer Lavinia Gavrilovici
Editor Jordan Michael


Norma Nina Shenkman

Claire Alice McCarthy

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