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About Me

Hi, I'm Nuri.Welcome to my website! I'm a director, 1st AD and editor based in London and I create original, engaging branded and narrative content. I love learning and discovering new things, and that always feeds into my work as a filmmaker. I believe in the power films can have to tell captivating and important human stories. I'm always dedicated to delivering content of the highest quality, and I pride myself on staying true to the vision of my clients. 


Over the years I've worked with many fantastic local and global brands and organisations. My films have garnered international attention and numerous awards, including Best Director at the 48 Hour Film Project and Judges Award at the Reel Film Challenge. 

When I'm not filming, you'll likely find me learning a language, playing board games, writing a script, taking photos, or having my fifth cuppa of the day. I’m always ready for new and exciting opportunities, so don't hesitate to contact me and let's discover what we can create together!

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