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Google Pixel x Goal

A series of social edits in 5 different languages for an online campaign for Google Pixel on Goal social channels.

Social Media Campaign, 2023-24

I have had the pleasure of working with FootballCo on a series of social media videos (in vertical and square formats) for sponsored content for Google Pixel for the social channels of one of the biggest football journalism websites in the world,

I was brought on because of my knowledge of various languages, and across the campaign I edited videos in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and German, for various football events, including the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, the Premier League, , UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro Championship Qualifiers, UEFA Women's Nations League and the Women's Super League.

The videos are in various formats, from matchday summaries, treasure hunts and quizzes to sketches and 'voice of the fan' interviews, involving either fans, football influencers or both, while integrating and demonstrating the features of the Google Pixel 7 and 8 Pro phones. Across the various platforms, the videos collectively garnered hundreds of millions of views and impressions as well as millions of engagements. 

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