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Hotcourses: 'Study In Australia'

An online campaign encouraging prospective students to study abroad.

Online campaign, 2022

Created as part of Hotcourses International's online 'Study in' campaign, we created three videos showcasing priority study destinations (the UK, Canada and Australia) for international students through the use of high-quality video allied with a strategically driven narrative message. 

The challenge of this project was creating three distinctive videos that nonetheless had a uniform visual language through graphics, pacing and tone. Being limited to stock footage, it was essential to find the right footage of the locations and the appropriate shots to accompany the voiceover, as well as finding the perfect song to keep the film engaging and fresh.

The campaign was a huge success. Across YouTube and Facebook, the videos garnered over a million views and generated over 33.3 million impressions across the, informing prospective students of the key study destinations, as well as positively promoting the Hotcourses brand.

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